Homemade natural reed diffusers

These are air-freshening light scents that help you to relax. These diffusers are alternatives to commercial, pretty expensive and often containing strong chemicals air fresheners.

I have chosen the lavender oil (reducing stress) for my bedroom, the lemon oil (cleansing and purifying) for my bathroom and the orange oil (bringing peace and happiness) form my living room. Thinking of the rosemary oil (improving memory) for the studio. They are very easy to make!

You need:

  • small recycled bottles (as many as you need),
  • bamboo skewers,
  • dried lavender stems,
  • a lemon,
  • an orange,
  • sweet almond oil (base oil),
  • 30 drops of natural essential oil (choose according to your preferences),
  • some vodka,
  • Equipment: a cup, a spoon and a funnel,

To do:

  1. Mix sweet almond oil (1/4 of a cup) with 30 drops of essential oil and a splash of vodka.
  2. Mix the ingredients and pour the mixture into a bottle.
  3. Put bamboo skewers or dried lavender stems into the bottle.
  4. Every week, shake the bottle gently and flip the skewers.


Read this for general safety:

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