It is all about the course induction

Some of us are starting to teach next week. Whether you are adding the final touches to your induction materials or you have just started your preps, my checklist and questions will support you in completing this important task. The lists are not exhaustive, so please add your unique points where needed.

These are the main reasons why the induction activities and materials have a long-term impact on your journey together.


  • keep your learners calm by showing them what to expect (aka you minimise stress and fear of unknown),
  • allow your learners to see their course as a big picture,
  • create materials to refer to throughout the course duration,
  • create a scaffolding for learning,
  • develop good habits and establish routines,
  • create more opportunities for learning and focus time,
  • make learners feel safe and comfortable in your classroom,
  • open up a space for discussion, as a result you observe and become aware of learners’ needs,
  • motivate, encourage teamwork and build a community.

Download my checklist and some questions to maximise your planning time!