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Teach Learn Relax - About me

A busy teacher (which teacher is not?!) and curriculum leader, wife, sister, colleague and friend; inspired when teaching, planning and delivering staff trainings, willing to share opinions and discoveries; based in Manchester; in love with travelling, cooking, watching movies, reading, plants & flowers, art and visual images, anything French or Danish, shopping, coffee and wine.

16 years of experience in teaching English (ESOL, EFL, ESL) and a bit of Polish, a learner of French and German, 3 years of experience in educational leadership, and continuing the journey of experiencing, learning and reflecting. Really focusing on achieving work-life balance at the moment (so why have you decided to write a blog then?!). Because, as A. France said, “Man is so made that he can only find relaxation from one kind of labour by taking up another”. Simply just to continue my own development and to be aware that relax has many faces and you can still learn or experience new things having time to unwind!

I know you are juggling a lot of tasks and you are in your learning journey every day. If you want some support & advice with regards to professional development, if you need to improve performance, if you look for inspiration and innovative ideas, if you urge to learn new things and obviously if you need a reminder to save time for relax you will feel right at home here! It’s going to be short and concise to maximise you opportunities – I promise!

Because being a teacher is a lifestyle! Because a relaxed teacher is a happier, healthier, better looking, more rested, empowered, energetic, creative and confident teacher. Because you love teaching, you want to develop and because I know you work very hard and you deserve time for yourself.

We will not let pupils, students and parents interrupt us here, ready to join me in this passionate journey? Please say hello and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. See you soon!