Teacher’s Wellbeing Workbook

Blimey. Everything is so intense right now, we are juggling many responsibilities and uncertainties at once and have had to move into the online world to teach, so suddenly!

A lot of resources have been recently published about teaching online and about online tools, but I believe teachers, who are managing all that, also need something that will guide them through taking their wellbeing into account. We – teachers need to make this whole delivery manageable and meaningful. We need to ensure we have strong basics and we need to be ready for this incredibly complex challenge.

How many of us have recently felt lost and overwhelmed? I hear you! Will we be able to be productive and efficient when teaching? I believe that our journey should start at a point when we get to understand our inner-selves first.

Since I haven’t seen many resources designed for teachers, I have decided to share some ideas that work for me and put this workbook together as I understand how important our wellbeing is, especially these days, amid Covid-19 outbreak.

Let’s begin this work-life balance journey together!

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