Present ideas for teachers – not only for Christmas!

*Beware – this is not a section for students or parents!

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, yes it is, indeed. Do you have gifts sorted for your friends or family members who are teachers?

It is usual that presents are grouped according to the price or gender, but I am trying to look at these three themes:

Teach – for pedagogues who want to make their teaching better and more enjoyable:

  • a shopper – we never have enough of those! We have more things to pack, worry not!
  • a diary/notebook – how can we remember all those assessment and assembly dates?
  • stationery, stationery, stationery, stationery and more stationery…
  • a (thermal) mug – coffee will never be cold again! Even better, if it is with a personalised message J. I have heard that teachers’ spouses/partners say teachers have too many of them but well…
  • coffee – now if we have a mug…
  • water bottle – you know that fancy one with an infuser, we must stay hydrated!
  • a scarf – no it is not about fashion – just to keep our throats warm! Oh, OK, that is right, we like being fashionable too! A tie or a bow tie, maybe?

Learn – for self-development-obsessed professionals:

  • a bookstore gift voucher – you may not know that Hatty has just published a new book on teaching strategies. Actually, it is for that new cookbook. 🙂
  • a teacher magazine subscription – well, once it is delivered regularly, we can have a look…
  • an electronic device (earphones, pads, stands – you name them) – so we will be able to try all these fancy apps!
  • a trip – too expensive? OK, a guidebook would do this time…
  • games and quizzes – challenge accepted!

Relax – for those who are in a constant need to unwind:

  • cinema tickets, film and TV streaming media or online music account subscriptions – we love watching and listening on cosy winter evenings. Series. We love watching series.
  • candles, oils, creams, soaps, bath bombs – always have a YES from us! (Check for allergies).
  • pyjamas – because… pyjama weekends? Will that be a good reason?
  • “I teach. What’s your superpower?” or a similar T-shirt that will make us feel unique, important and proud of our profession.
  • a cooking, wine-tasting or a dance course – we are sure we will become experts and start teaching this course soon too!
  • a day in SPA – hmmm. No explanation needed here…
  • glasses – yes, we fancy both: reading or wine – prioritise and decide wisely please!
  • a nice bottle of [complete this space as I do not want to offend wine lovers if I write gin here!] – you know, if you are really out of ideas – this will always do its job.

Now, share this post with your friends who may now been thinking of what to get you. 🙂



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