Relaxing honey evening

[…] and when Rabbit said, ‘Honey or condensed milk with your bread?’ he was so excited that he said, ‘Both,’ and then, so as not to seem greedy, he added, ‘But don’t bother about the bread, please.’” (….) A. A. Milne

One of the most famous philosophers – Winnie the Pooh J has always been in favour of honey. As seen above, he also monitors his carbohydrates consumptionJ. Let’s follow this philosophy!

Below, there is a recipe for a perfect relaxing honey evening. J

  1. Create cosy atmosphere with natural and non-toxic beeswax candles which have relaxing properties, can help to relieve stress and improve concentration. In addition to that, they purify the air as well as relieve allergies, respiratory diseases and asthma symptoms.
  2. Try some sandwiches – all you need is brown bread, goat cheese, hazelnuts, figs, honey and your imagination on how to serve themJ. See my post in Relax section for the recipe.
  3. Ready? Now, just read.
  • The Bees, Laline Paull – a parallel depiction of two worlds showing a struggle of an individual fighting with a totalitarian world, with an interesting depiction of equality and diversity aspects, all presented in a very realistic way with some mythological elements.
  • The History of Bees, Maja Lunde (Bienes historie) – three timelines interconnected by bees, presenting emotional relationships, global crisis and questioning the future. Will the world come to an end?


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relaxing honey evening

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