Aaaachoo! No more! With this immune system booster!

“Not again!! It’s only October and you come down with a cold? What about that pile of papers to be marked!?” I am sure you know this well. Prevention is better than cure. For sure!

Next time, when you go shopping, make sure you grab:

  • a bag of lemons (antibacterial, contain nourishing elements, cold and fever relief)
  • a jar of honey (antioxidant and antibacterial properties, gives strength and energy)
  • some ginger (supports healthy digestion and immunity)

What’s next?

Prepare more portions in advance – it’s OK to be kept in the fridge for a few days.

Wash and peel ginger, cut it into smaller bits (10mm x 10mm) and crush with a garlic press. Wash the lemons, cut them into halves and squeeze the juice, pour the juice into the ginger pulp. Add a few spoons of honey and mix thoroughly.

Such a shot a day keeps the doctor away! 🙂


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