A quote a day keeps your students motivated and your lessons interesting

We are surrounded by motivational quotes – they are on the walls in the coffee shops, on the covers of our notebooks and on our T-shirts. Why not use this trend and add some of them to our lessons? If we get inspired by the little things, surely our students get inspired by them too!

What are the benefits of using motivational quotes in our language lessons? I print the chosen quotes and ask my students to stick them in their notebooks because that way:

We promote healthy lifestyle, wellbeing and self-development that inspire our students and that can naturally go outside our classrooms. Following the curriculum we often overlook these important matters, so embedding some quotes into our lessons helps us keeping the balance.

Students learn new vocabulary and practise their IT skills, one quote can be a great start to a webquest on a particular topic.

We provide students with additional exam practice – one quote may start a very interesting discussion and students may wish to include some of the quotes when sitting their exam.

We promote Equality & Diversity by introducing quotes of speakers of other languages as well as encouraging students to find, compare and share their counterparts existing in their languages.

We save time as this is a quick way to prepare a snappy warmer – just print it and go!


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