Practising classroom instructions

Following verbal and written instructions is one of the most important, but also one of the most difficult skills to master by beginner-level language learning students. The students often assume what the instructions are or randomly pick tasks to be completed, which obviously affects lessons dynamics.

Yes, we do instruction checking to avoid such situations, but why not let our students take ownership and teach them to follow instructions effectively? It is still the beginning of the academic year, so it may be useful to start introducing understanding and following instructions in stages. Consistency and setting routines will really help.

This booklet and the follow-up game are designed mainly for beginners. The booklet can be used as a whole, with “easy-to-differentiate” activities (from recognition to production), as well as each page can be used as a separate handout.

For the game: ask students to work in groups. Each group gets printed page 1 and a set of cut cards. Students take turns to follow the instructions.

Just print and go!

Following instructions

Following instructions GAME (Thank you HK! 🙂 )


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