Differentiation made easier

Yes, we all know that, we need to differentiate questions, instructions and tasks (Bloom’s Taxonomy is very useful here) to challenge thinking and, as a result, boost achievement. This way, we cater for the whole range of students in class.

However, how can we remember all those facts and pieces of information related to all our students? The longer you teach, the more you remember, but it is impossible to remember everything about everyone! Also, there is no time to access information on the intranet every time you need it when teaching.

Why don’t we decide to go old-school and just have written notes? Correct, all concise (just use key words or symbols you understand) and no longer than 3 A4 pages per class! You can have the document handy on your desk when you are in class (for confidentiality reasons, do not display the list to anyone else), ready to access. Simple!

This will help you to:

  • remember what each student’s SMART goals and interests are
  • adapt and differentiate questions and instructions for each student
  • plan relevant exercises ahead

This simple grid is available free to download and to be used effectively on a daily basis:


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